I’ve been listening to 6 music since I got up this morning, and the tributes that are pouring in are both fantastic and heart-wrenching. What a guy.




10 Minute Sketches

I’m back from sunny Cornwall and I have lots of photos, they should be up in the next day or so for you all to see. There are some stunning views.

Whilst I’m going through them all, here’s a few good looking chaps and one pretty little lady.


I’ve been having another splash with the watercolours recently, and some more sketching. I seem to have been on a cat theme however…

I used this lovely photo as a reference for the watercolour, haven’t kept the links for the sketches I’m afraid! Unfortunately I don’t have my own cat to take advantage of, so it’s a good thing the internet is full of cat photos. That last one on the bottom left is Morgan Freeman with a cat on his head. I think i’ll have to turn that image into a proper drawing one day.

One last thing, yesterday I discovered there’s a festival in America where you can all get together to watch cat videos. Amazing. 

Ok that’s enough of the cat theme for this week.

Painting a Portrait

I finally got round to putting the finishing touches to this delightful painting the other day. The subject is my friend Anna, she looks so lovely and happy I couldn’t resist doing a painting!

Drawing Rats

My sister’s pet rats are called Riggs and Murtagh, apparently named after Lethal Weapon. Now not everyone loves rats, but these two are pretty cute, and they’ve made the latest drawing.