Sock Knitting – Dawlish by Coop Knits

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that these socks took me a while to knit. In fact, looking at my uploads I started these around the end of March! A couple of weeks ago I finally finished them, and whilst I’ve already excitedly shown them off on Instagram, I wanted to go into a bit more detail here.


The pattern is called Dawlish, and is the first pattern in Coop Knits Volume 2. I would highly recommend the book and the other patterns Rachel Coopey has released. She also has her own yarn, called Socks Yeah! which is what I used for this pattern. Note that it’s not the yarn the pattern was designed for, as I assumed when I bought it, I should have looked at the pattern!


As you can see, the design is beautiful. All those interlocking cables and ribs create a lovely streamlined pattern. I also love the idea of using a ktbl (knit through the back loop) rib, which creates a much tighter look and is a nice contrast to the normal rib. I hadn’t come across it before but I’ll definitely be using it in the future!


The pattern is very easy to follow, my only mistakes were when I had miscounted or ripped back and had forgotten to untwist the ktbl stitches. It was possible to knit without the pattern for a short while too as I found out when I left the chart behind one day (whoops!). You can quite easily follow where the cables come in once you are familiar with the pattern.


I knit these using the magic loop method on circular needles, because I had only used dpn’s before and I wanted to try it out – there will be a post coming up comparing the two techniques soon. At first I really struggled to get going, but the beginning is always the hardest. After youtubing a way to avoid the gap at the join I slowly got the hang of it. I did accidentally pull the needle out too far a couple of times though!

As I said at the beginning, I didn’t use the yarn the pattern was designed for, and so my tension was a little off. Not too much though, so I carried on. The result is that my socks are a little longer in the leg than I think was intended, but they still fit beautifully. Now I just need to wait for the weather to cool again so I can wear them!


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