What to Knit in Summer

When it’s too warm to be dealing with chunky yarn, try some of these ideas instead!


Nearly the end of May, and we are definitely getting into the summer season – not that the British summer lives up to the name. Even so, knitting is not really associated with this time of year. You can’t really get excited about cosy cables and chunky scarves when it’s hot! But that’s the thing, there are plenty of designers out there creating beautifully light knits perfect for those summer days. Here I’ve put together a bit of inspiration and some tips to get you going.


Helmut Lang Spring 2013 Gem Davis Design
Helmut Lang Spring 2013

Acne Studios Marcy Moulin Basic sweater Gem Davis Design
Acne Studios Marcy Mouline

Springtide Poncho Anthropologie
Springtide Poncho Anthropologie
Grace Hamilton Jewellery - Gem Davis Blog
Jewellery by Grace Hamilton 
Top Tips
  1. Use cotton yarn – much more breathable and so it feels cooler to wear
  2. Try out some lace patterns, all those holes will let the breeze through!
  3. Make some smaller projects, like accessories, so they don’t feel heavy in your hands
  4. Be wary of white yarn – I’ve had to unknit and discard some white yarn as it got stained from the suncream left on my hands!

Odele Top by Amy Christoffers

Odele Top by Amy Christoffers - Gem Davis Blog


Nyanen Tee by Cecily Glowik MacDonald 

Nyanen Tee by Cecily Glowik MacDonald - Gem Davis Blog

Sheer Top by Rowan

Sheer Top by Rowan - Gem Davis Blog


Abricot by Rachel Coopey

Abricot by Rachel Coopey

So hopefully that’s given you some inspiration for the coming months! 

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