Pinglette Snood by Anna Maltz

The Pinglette snood is my first finished knit from Anna Maltz’s book Penguin. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I was lucky enough to win this lovely book at Pom Pom’s Christmas party last year. I of course promptly went over to her stand to say hello and buy some yarn to get knitting! Lots of the projects from the book were on display, and it was very hard to choose where to begin. Anna was very kind and signed my book for me too!  

The yarn is such a lovely colour, a deep black with threads of grey lightly showing through. It feels wonderful to work with, and I can’t wait to feel how warm and cosy it will be. 

The snood is made up in the Linen stitch, one I hadn’t used before. It’s simplicity to knit and lovely texture means it is definitely something I will be using again. The stitch is made up of K1, Sl1, so you have to be careful you slip the right stitch, a mistake I often made! As you can see below it results in a rather obvious gap. I don’t actually mind it because I don’t think it looks ugly, and I remember what I was doing when that happened – it was late at a family gathering, so there was dim lighting and I was chatting, neither conducive to perfect knits. I quite like it that way.

Instead of decreasing and increasing to shape the top and bottom, Maltz has decided to use different size needles to achieve the same look. I quite like the idea, although my shaping doesn’t seem to have worked at end of my knitting! I think I cast off fairly loosely which has ruined the shaping. 

The pattern also says to knit on circular needles, but I didn’t have the right size for that so I knit it on straight needles. The only difference was that I had to add in a P1, Sl1, row.

 So now the snood is finally finished, and I very much enjoyed knitting it. I would certainly recommend the pattern, it’s great for a simple knit, and the large needles make for a nice contrast to my sock knitting! The cold weather is back this weekend so I’ll get a chance to wear it…

I think I’ll tackle the Humboldt jumper next! 


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