Top 5 Tips for Finishing Projects

Small or large, these 5 top tips will help you finish!


Finishing projects. I don’t think I’m the only one with an issue with this, and I’m not just talking about knitters (I know most of you lot have far too many knits on the go at once!). I just find it hard to finish things. Even though that’s the best feeling, when you can be proud of what you achieved (and show it off!), something new is always more exciting. I’ve been pretty strict with myself recently however, I’ve ripped back all the knitting projects I’m not likely to finish. I now have just two on the go, one simple and one more intricate for variety.

So how can you combat this? Here’s five tips for finishing projects.

1. Set a deadline

You may already have one, if you’re making something for a specific event or for a client. Either way, this is the first rule in finishing things. Pick a reasonable amount of time, don’t pick something impossible as you’ll only feel disheartened if you can’t achieve it. On the other hand, don’t pick such a long length of time that you get lazy about it. You want this thing done!

2. Create action steps

This kind of ties in with the previous point. By breaking down your task, however simple or complicated it is, you are making it much more manageable and are more likely to finish. If you are knitting something then you could use the different sections in the pattern or go by length – say I’ll knit up to here by the end of the weekend. If it’s a more complicated project you’re doing, like designing your website, then choose small tasks and plan them out. Sometimes looking at the big picture isn’t the best idea.

3. Make time

Nobody has time, you’ve got to make space for it. Schedule in time for your projects and then stick to them. I like to write things down in a planner, but you’ve got to find a way that works for you because there’s no point writing everything down if you never look at it again. I know, it’s hard. We all have lapse moments. So make sure you plan for that as well, and give yourself an extra bit of time just in case, I know I’ve needed it a few times.

4. Keep motivated

There are some tasks that you just won’t want to do. Maybe you have to schedule a meeting and you feel nervous, or you might just not have the energy that day. This is when you need to take a break. It sounds counter-productive, and you’ve probably heard this elsewhere, but you need it. Your mind and body can’t keep pushing all the time, if you’re panicking, go for a walk. If you’re feeling un-motivated, check out an exhibition. Or, and this is for those of you who work on your own, give a friend a call or better yet go round to see them. This break in routine will leave you refreshed and in a better mind set to keep going. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself. Don’t of course use this excuse all the time, it’s a balance after all!

5. Don’t give up

You’re not a quitter. You can do this. Look at where you’ll be at the end, remember why you started. And don’t get too serious!

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