10 Quick Projects to Knit, Sew and Bake for Valentine’s Day

What are you making this Valentine’s day?


It’s the 3rd of February already. What happened to January? We are now into the second month of 2016 and certain dates are soon to spring upon us. Do you celebrate Valentine’s day at all? Perhaps you’re thinking of making a little token for your loved one, or making some decorations for an anti-Valentine’s party with your girls. To be honest, I don’t really commemorate the day, but I will always use an excuse to make something! I’ve had a look around and put together a collection of things for you to make or buy last minute if you’re in the loving mood.

1. These cute and tasty chocolate huggers. Supposedly for kids, but I quite fancy the look of them…

  2. These adorable paper origami hearts. The page is in French, so it might be helpful if you know the language, but the images look pretty clear if not!

3. Beautiful fingerless gloves with lace trim. This might be a bit of a push before the big day unless you have time, but I couldn’t resist posting them.

4. I’ve never made marshmallow before, but I might have to give these a go!

5. Very pretty little lavender bags, they look good, smell good, what more could you want.

6. If you’re not that in to Valentine’s day, go for a more intellectual knit with this anatomically correct heart pattern.

7. Aren’t these just the cutest? They may be beyond my baking abilities, but still worth a go.

8. This delicate little crochet heart could be used however you want, as a coaster or a decoration, you could even make lots and turn it into bunting.

9. Some fun emoji cushions to brighten up your sofa!

10. Last but not least, a heartwarming mug cosy.


I hope you enjoyed this list, don’t leave it too late to make anything!

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