Growing Balcony Plants – Week One

Around this time last year we decided our Juliet balcony was looking a little bare, and bought these ingenious pots from amazon in sizes large and small (affiliate links). They come in a range of different colours – we went for a rather boring grey I’m afraid as it matched the balcony perfectly! They fit over the bar at the top comfortably, with stabilisers to fix at the bottom to secure it. A great idea if you’re short on space and want to get growing.


We happily returned from the local garden centre with lots of herbs, some lavender and flowers. Unfortunately we didn’t take quite as good care as we probably should have, not realising how quickly pots of that size dry out in the summer.


So this year is take two. We’ve gone so much the other way I fear we’re in danger of over watering, but with the heat we’ve had recently I think they needed it. At the garden centre it’s always a bit pot luck on what they have, making decisions beforehand difficult. Once there however we latched on to several things, at least we did until we realised the strawberry plant really wouldn’t go with tomatoes…and since strawberries apparently like to bully everything else too, we stuck with the tomatoes! In our pots this year we have three little tomato plants, some lettuce, leeks, two kinds of lavender and some rosemary. Having planted them in what seems to be the hottest week ever, I was slightly worried leaving them for a few days for a trip away, however when we came back the lettuce and tomatoes had gone crazy! Hopefully soon we’ll be able to harvest some of our crop.



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