World Wide Knit in Public Day


One way to get you through the Monday blues is to have a great weekend. This one just gone had World Wide Knit in Public Day (or WWKIPD for short), with events all over the world celebrating the art of knitting by encouraging people to bring out their needles and yarn and knit in public.

Wool and the Gang hosted an event at Hackney City Farm, creating all sorts of delights to yarn-bomb their garden. The bee’s looked fantastic! And I know LoveKnitting had some fun at The Idler Academy, I hope you enjoyed those events if you went! Unfortunately I couldn’t make any of Saturday’s get-togethers, so on Sunday Sincerely Louise and I made the journey up to Hackney, where Anna from Wild and Woolly was celebrating WWKIPD in Clapton Park with lots of lovely knitters. Luckily the weather held, and there were lots of tasty picnic treats and cups of tea to go round. It was fascinating seeing what everyone was knitting too, Louise was working on some of her latest designs, there were lots of opinions on lengthening a rather beautiful jumper, and I even saw some luminous neon yellow being cast on! I think I can safely say everyone had a great time.

While this was a great opportunity to get groups of people together to chat while they knit, I think every day is a knit in public day!


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