Binding Off and Finishing Projects

Blue knitting cardigan

I’ve never been so determined to finish things before. I have a history of forgotten projects, half-finished drawings and ideas never fully formed. Knitting has taken up a rare space where I haven’t tired of it after a while. There are of course projects started and left on the needles, but the actual act of knitting has stayed. Since picking up a couple of chopsticks to test out whether I was actually capable of it in early 2013, there has barely been an evening when I haven’t taken up a little knitting.

Blue yarn knitting

Blue knitting pattern

So, finishing something is quite an achievement, and I am rather proud to say I have finally finished knitting a cardigan I started in the winter of 2013. Luckily still in time for some cold weather! It is wonderfully cosy and I was pleasantly surprised to find the sleeves and the body were the appropriate length, nothing longer or shorter than it should be.


This was most definitely an exercise in patience, as I normally pick out patterns that are fun to knit with lots of interesting techniques and cables going on, whereas this is stocking stitch all the way. The only unusual thing about it is that it’s made in one piece (minus the sleeves). This meant at the beginning I had around 180 stitches on the needle! I’ve never been so glad to start decreasing.

Blue knitted cardigan

My next project is itching to be on the needles already, though for now I shall enjoy the uncommon feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a project.

Blue and cream knitting sleeve


2 thoughts on “Binding Off and Finishing Projects”

  1. Well done Gem, perseverance has paid off!
    Love the two colour design, and the style is so versatile, you’ll get tons of wear out of it.
    Even in the warmer days, the evenings usually require a nice cosy cardi to put round your shoulders!
    Great job…also love the very expert modelling at Kew!


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